Mammoth Blades chooses Laser-Etch for engraving its knives.

Laser etched knife“I chose Laser-Etch to engrave our company and customer logo’s because the blades are made from carbon steel, a difficult material to engrave to a consistently high standard ,” said Tom Law.

“It has been a pleasure dealing with Martin Koerner, the MD at Laser-Etch. He has bent over backwards to ensure that both the quality and craftsmanship are maintained.  Laser-Etch is the essence of what a good business should be and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who requires quality engraving.”

Laser-Etch have been brought in to engrave survival knife blades designed and made by Tom Law of Mammoth Blades (
To engrave the blades, Laser Etch use a class 4 laser (which is able to import files and pictures in a BMP format on all types of metals and plastics) to a depth of 5 microns a process ideal for logos and company information.

Laser-Etch was set-up to engrave components produced by precision engineering sister company Amdale Ltd. The company grew to accommodate the need and variety of laser engraving required.  Engraving components with company logos and essential information on barcodes for use on aircraft and on a variety of medical components using a 2d dot-matrix.

Recently, Laser-Etch received a request from Tom Law, MD, Mammoth Blades to engrave his traditional survival knives with his company and customer logo, adding the finishing touches to his unique blades.

Trueway's Survival Tools are produced entirely in England. The survival tool and other traditional blades are produced solely for use with outdoor pursuits.  Each knife is hand crafted to the highest quality standards and custom made.

Mammoth bladesare made from a variety of materials, depending on the primary pursuit. Larger blades like that of the Trueway's Survival Tool need to absorb more impact so  hi-carbon spring steel is used. Hi-carbon tool steels are used to produce Mammoth Blades smaller knives, which are favoured for bush craft and other sporting activities. Powder steels and hi-carbon stainless steels may be requested for low maintenance blades or blades often used in water (Emergency knives for kayaking or diving).Tom’s knives are sold through ', knife components are sold through the sister site, the Trueway's Survival Tool is sold exclusively through the online shop (  of Trueways Survival (, which is judged by many to be the world’s leading authorityin Survival advice, information and training.

Tom Law started Mammoth Blades as a hobby 12 years ago.  More information is available on